Samsung Freestyle Projector (2nd Gen)

A Review of the Samsung Freestyle Projector (2nd Gen)

Remember those childhood nights huddled around a projector, watching movies that appeared as giant images on the wall?

The Samsung Freestyle Projector (2nd Gen) is designed to capture the magic of the moment and deliver it in a sleek, portable package. But does this projector really deliver fun and games, or is it a blurry mess?

Let’s dive in and see!

Unboxing the Samsung Freestyle Fun

The Samsung Freestyle is packaged in a compact box and includes all the equipment you will need to get going, such as a projector, remote control, power cord, and carrying case.

With its sleek, cylindrical design and lightweight and relatively durable construction, the projector is suitable for portability and can stand up to a few bumps.

All the features Samsung Freestyle has to offer

The Freestyle projector has a lot of cool features that make it really special. Here are a few important ones:

●      HDR Full HD Picture: The projector displays a clear, high-definition picture with vivid colors and strong contrast. It looks really good for a portable projector, but it is not as good as the really expensive 4K projectors.

● Auto-Everything for Easy Setup: You don’t have to worry about adjusting the angle of the image or anything technical like that. The Freestyle takes care of it all by itself, so it is really easy to set up. Just point it at a wall, turn it on, and you are all set to enjoy the show.

● 360-degree projection: The Samsung Freestyle is the perfect lighting solution for entertaining guests or for using as an elegant wall fixture. It can be used as a cool ceiling light or as a cool sconce for your home theater. It can project movies in any direction, so it’s perfect for starry movie nights.

● Built-in smart TV: This device uses Tizen, which is Samsung’s smart TV system. This means you can easily watch Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and more without needing any extra devices.

● Gaming on the go: The 2nd generation is really great for gaming. With Freestyle, you can play cloud-based games from Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and other services. You can easily set up a gaming station wherever you are with a Bluetooth controller.

● Ambient Mode and Music Sync: The Samsung Freestyle can be used for more than just watching movies and playing games. You can use it to create a special ambiance in your space. With Ambient Mode, you can display peaceful nature scenes, and with Music Sync, you can make your lights dance along with your music.

Value and Pricing


A Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen portable projector costs around Rs 59,900, which makes it more expensive than some other portable projectors. But there are frequent discounts on it, which enhances its value for some users.

Comparison with competitors

While it is really convenient to carry around and comes with some great features, it’s not as bright as the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro and Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12, and it is a bit pricier.

Pros: The good stuff

● Ultra Portable: This projector is small and easy to carry around, which makes it an ideal option when it comes to portable entertainment.

Versatile Setup: You can use the Samsung Freestyle project on walls, ceilings, or even as a mood light. It is really flexible and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

● Simple to Use: The interface is really easy to use, which makes it great for people who are new to technology.

● Gaming on the Go: Cloud gaming opens a world of possibilities for gamers who crave big-screen experiences without lugging around a console.

Cons: Things to Consider

● Brightness Blues: While the picture quality is good, the Samsung Freestyle’s brightness is not ideal for well-lit rooms. You can think of movie nights under the stars, not movie afternoons.

● No 4K: For those seeking ultra-sharp resolution, the Freestyle’s 1080p might feel like a downgrade.

● Missing Battery: The lack of a built-in battery adds an extra step (and cost) to achieving true portability.

Freestyle vs. the World: Who Should Consider It?

The Adventurous Viewer

Love movie nights under the stars or camping trips with a big screen experience? Freestyle is your perfect companion.

The space-constrained

If you live in a small apartment or dorm, Freestyle can be a great option for you. It is designed to bring convenience and comfort to smaller living spaces.

Key Thoughts: A Feature-Packed Projector with Aww-Wow-Wow!

The Samsung Freestyle Projector (2nd Gen) stands out from ordinary projectors as a portable entertainment hub. This portable entertainment powerhouse is a dream come true for movie enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone craving an extra sprinkle of excitement in their day-to-day routine. Although its brightness may be a limiting factor in some scenarios, it still remains a compelling choice for those who are in search of an enjoyable and adaptable entertainment solution.

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