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June 7, 2023

Privacy Policy

We at thetechjournal.in respect our customers’ privacy and regard it as our utmost duty to protect and safeguard it. We DO NOT share or disclose our users’ information to any party in any circumstances, except otherwise stated in this privacy policy. This privacy policy of thetechjournal.in ( thetechjournal, we, us, ours) details what information we collect, store, its usage, and to whom we may share it if the need arises.

Agreeing to and accepting the privacy policy of thetechjournal.in

Visiting our site, any section or page of it, using the service(s) offered, and registering on it implies that you as a user accept our privacy policy, including all the terms and conditions it contains and gives us consent about the collection, storage, and usage of your personal data according to the terms laid out in this privacy policy.

thetechjournal.in reserves the right and has full discretion to change or modify the content of this privacy policy as and when required. However, when we do so, the user will get a notification about the changes thus made.

What information do we collect?

Any data we collect that could pinpoint or identify you, user(s), customer(s) as an individual is referred to and will be termed as personal data throughout this policy.

When you visit our site or use any of our services, we collect data. The users have the freedom to deny any information they do not want to share or deem unnecessary until it restricts access to certain content or sections of the thetechjournal.in website. We collect Personal Data in three ways: direct data collection, indirect data collection/automatic data collection, and data collected by third-party apps and ad networks.

Direct data

Data entered, provided, shared willingly by the user(s) to register, use services, or make purchases on our website implies direct data. Direct data includes but is not limited to the user(s) account details, personal information like first and last name, email, phone number, and address.

If in case you register to our services through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or through a search engine like Google, you are consenting and have no objection to obtaining your personal information from any such third-party platforms.

Any financial information, including but not limited to your credit or debit card numbers, password, pin, or code that you enter to make any purchase or initiate transaction(s) on our website, also comes under the direct data collection category.

Any data, including service request number, complaint code, personal information that could be submitted by you while using our support services or to resolve any service issue, also comes under direct data.

Indirect data

Data that doesn’t need to be entered by the users is termed indirect data and is collected automatically through technical systems and protocols in place. This includes the IP address, the web browser through which the user is accessing our website, technical specifications of the device in use to access our site, and user’s activities on our site such as the time spent on our site, the area accessed, and search queries if any entered.

Data collected by the third party companies or ads network

We may use ad networks to serve ads to our users when they visit or access our website. These third-party companies may obtain data, excluding any personal information( name, address, email address, or telephone number) regarding the usage of our site to personalize the ads displayed. These companies or ad networks may employ their own cookies for data collection. However, the nature of the data collected by these third-party companies is not personal and does not include any personally identifiable attributes. thetechjournal.in does not in any capacity share any personal information or link user’s accounts to any of these third-party companies or ad networks.

How we use the collected data

  • To analyze the availability, quality, and usage of our services, enhance user experience and improve the quality of the services provided by us.
  • Account details and login credentials are used to validate and authorize user’s access to the account registered on our website.
  • To showcase content customized to users’ preferences based on the previous visit, time spent on a particular section, and interaction with specific content. This may include displaying the content according to users’ interests and according to the language preference based upon the use of our site.
  • To validate and process the purchases, let users access the content or specific section of the website depending upon the purchase and provide reliable and effective customer support.
  • If the need arises, the data collected and stored can be used for any legal compliance required by the law.

How we protect your data

As stated at the beginning of this privacy policy, protecting your personal data is an essential element of our relationship, whether you are a customer or a user of our services and site. Stringent security protocols paired with state-of-the-art security measures are employed to prevent unauthorized access, deletion, or alteration of user data.

To whom do we share your data

thetechjournal.in does not share, send or trade any of its user’s data with anyone. Should there be any change in our stance on data sharing, we would not do so until any prior and exclusive consent from our users. However, we may share user’s data with the legal authorities in response to an official request relayed through legal channels or court orders.

Cookie compliances

To enhance user experience, such as personalizing and showcasing specific content and track user activities on our websites thetechjournal.in send cookies to your browser. These cookies are stored by the browser and are then used to collect and track information related to your accessing and using our website.


If in case, during the course of your use of our website and our services, you feel that thetechjournal.in is not abiding or adhering to the terms laid out in this privacy policy, we encourage you to notify us as soon as possible your concerns. We sincerely promise that we will promptly look into the matter and swiftly resolve the discrepancies, if any.

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