Digital wellness

Digital Wellness – Creating Balance With Technology

A constant stream of news, continuous bombardment of notifications, and never-ending messages from family and friends. Is this all good, or does our digital lifestyle cloak something sinister? Perhaps detrimental effects on our life and health. Is it time to take digital wellness seriously? Let’s find out!

A multitude of digital technologies and platforms have completely changed the way we spend our days, generally in a constructive way, at least on paper. We have eliminated distance, both physical and cultural, because of the digital means, which allows us to surpass distance and cultural boundaries. Digital platforms have simplified procedures and protocols because everything is online. We have transformed bonds, emotions, and affection because everyone is just a few clicks away. Similarly, the way we work has also changed. Thanks to innovative tools – emails, social media, and innumerable apps and software, we are faster and more productive. We are better connected with others, and we can do more in less time. It should certainly mean that digital tools and technologies have better our lives? Or is there a catch? Let’s explore!

What is Digital Wellness?

While the profoundly positive impacts of digital technologies are undeniable, experts are cautioning that we are overdoing it. More and more experts emphasize digital wellness or digital health, a concept that focuses on creating a positive and constructive relationship with digital devices. Smartphones, computers, social media, and other web tools are beneficial. However, we should use them with caution. Because over time, they could be toxic or detrimental to one’s health and lifestyle – similar to any bad habits or abuse of certain food or drugs. That is where digital wellness comes in – a crucial concept in the wake of the unprecedented growth of digital technologies and their indispensable presence in our lives.

Digital wellness, in its basic essence, means maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship with digital devices, which are crucial for the normal functioning of our lives. Thus eliminating the overcrowding of our lives with everything digital and virtual. Also, avoiding the vicious pitfalls in which our mental and physical health is eroded to such an extent that it adversely impacts our day-to-day life.

Why is Digital Wellness Essential?

When it’s established that digital devices and technologies could have a negative impact on our well-being, then comes the part of reversing its effects. For this, it’s imperative to rethink our unruly relationship with digital devices and rectify our habits for detoxification. Understand it with an example – most often, we look for our phone as soon as we wake up, thus nullifying all the benefits of sleep and rest. The boost that our mind gets with sleep instantly cancels as we concentrate on the phone. Not only our attention span is adversely affected, but our physical and mental well-being is also compromised. Therefore, it is essential to reforge a more positive relationship with the digital and virtual. To do so, we have to adopt the concept of digital wellness or digital detox wholeheartedly.

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