Drone Videography

Drone Videography: Hottest Trend in Aerial Filming

Aerial shots have always had a kind of attraction, a unique, awe-inspiring ability that instantly captures attention. The communicative power and undeniable charm that aerial shots possess are unquestionably mesmerizing. For a long time, renting a helicopter and hiring a professional pilot to get airborne and shoot was the only way for aerial photography and overhead videos. But not anymore. Recent advancement in technology has truly revolutionized aerial photography.

Small, compact drones equipped with high-end cameras capturing the view from above are a hot trend these days. Drones allow us to overcome the limitations of our gaze and offer a perspective that is inaccessible through normal videography. The Versatility and easy maneuverability of drones has opened new avenues for aerial photography, ranging from filming mass events to scientific research. 

These days you won’t find a wedding that is not accompanied by drone videography. While Amazon and DHL are studying ways to use drones to facilitate and speed up deliveries, it’s the drone videography that has captured everyone’s attention. Until recently, what only a few could afford is within everyone’s reach today, and all the credit goes to drones – a prime example of technological evolution.

Drones Videography: The versatility

Thanks to their compact size and easy maneuverability, drones can shoot from unique and interesting angles, which were impossible via helicopter or any other mode of aerial videography. Furthermore, all modern drones come with powerful hardware. It gives them the ability to easily fly from a few inches off the ground to a few hundred feet in the air and anywhere in between.

Similarly, their compact size allows them to easily go around a room through a window or scale the height of the building to give a unique glimpse of the area. On top of that, drones can hover in place and can easily move left, right, up, and down at the pilot’s command. Remotely controlled, drones are completely autonomous from the pilot. This allows them to provide the perfect camera position for the perfect shots.

Applications of Drone Videography

Drone videography can have potential applications in numerous sectors, not limited to only capturing video footage for wedding events. For scientific research, drones can be extremely useful as they could easily scale wide areas and provide footage of hard-to-reach places not possible to obtain otherwise.

Similarly, drones can be employed to capture footage across construction sites. It will allow tons of details to architects and engineers and help them keep track of the operations. Drones can easily film large construction or development sites and provide immense details, not possible through any ground-based procedure.

Moreover, high-tech drones equipped with measuring equipment can assist in land surveys. Others equipped with thermal imaging equipment could find various applications in the power generation and energy sector.

Drones are the prime example of how technology is reshaping the world around us. With aerial videography, drones help widen the perspective and allow vantage points otherwise unavailable.

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