Digitizing Prints with PassKey Technology

In the ever-evolving digital age, securing an online presence has become more important. With the increase in cyber threats, it is important for businesses and individuals to safeguard their information. Keeping passwords organized even with a password manager is a pain.

FIDO or Fast Identity Online has come up with a collaborative effort between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other tech companies that has come up with a standard for replacing passwords.

What is passkey?

Passkeys can be known as alternatives to passwords and texted confirmation codes. In passwords, you need to remember, and they can be known by anyone. Passkeys basically allow you to do direct communication with a trusted device such as your laptop or phone. You just need to verify your identity using a PIN unlock code or biometrics such as your fingerprint or face scan, thereby eliminating passwords altogether. 

In such a scenario, your identity is verified when your device such as a smartphone or a laptop sends a one-use code that only the device could generate. So, in a way, your device becomes the password.

Passkey can also be defined as an online approach to authentication and security. It is a unique concept that includes elements of both biometric authentication and cryptographic principles in order to create a powerful yet user-friendly security system. 

Why it is necessary?
In the modern world, when it comes to choosing passwords, most people use password123 or a very simple password. One of the studies by password manager NordPass found that if we make up passwords of complicated characters, we are certain to goof up. 

There is another option of using a software program that uses complex passwords. It is known to be added layer of protection, but the managers need a master password, that needs to be protected. If your phone is stolen, it doesn’t means a hacker can log into your accounts, as it is secured with some kind of biometric like your face or fingerprint. It is one of the main reasons that biometric readers are making their way into laptops, desktops, and other devices. 

What happens if you lose your phone?

Passkeys are basically synchronized to the Cloud Storage method that is used by your device, that could be iCloud Keychain on Mac and iPhone or Google Password Manager on Android or Chrome OS. In case if you lose your device, the passkeys will be stored there, and you should be able to restore your passkeys to a new device. Some end-to-end encrypted, companies like Google or Apple cannot access passkeys.

Let’s say your passkey is on an iPhone and you want to use that passkey on a Windows laptop, you will see a prompt on the second device’s screen and further, it scan a QR code, which you can do it with your iPhone. Once the login is approved, you are good to go. 

Benefits of Passkey:

There are certain benefits of Passkey that are as follows:

  • Enhanced Security: PassKey reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. The biometric data is combined with strong encryption that makes it really difficult for the hackers to breach the system.
  • User Convenience: With Passkey, people do not need to remember complex passwords. They can simply use biometric features in order to access their accounts, making the whole process more convenient and user-friendly.
  • Fraud Protection: Passkey relies completely on physical biometric traits, due to which it becomes much harder for fraudsters to stole credentials.
  • Scalability: Passkey can be implemented across different platforms, devices, and applications making scalable solutions for both individuals and businesses. 

Advantages of iOs 16’s Passkeys for iPhone Users:

There are a few main advantages of iOS 16’s Passkeys feature for iPhone users:

  • Passkeys Synchronize with iCloud: Having your passkeys on the iCloud keychain helps you in providing end-to end encryption. You can also be rest assure that through iCloud’s cryptographic keys and functional ability in order to prevent cyber attacks, you can always recover your passkeys, in case of lost devices.
  • Additional Security to the Users: Passkeys provide privacy to the users. Since facial ID and fingerprint are all you need to secure your device, you will not face the problem of cybercriminals.
  • Users won’t need to create or manage passwords again: There are different various password managers exist, such as Dashlane, LastPass, LogMeOnce, BitWarden, RememBear, 1Password, and Keeper, these password managers also require passwords prone to cyber threats. 


In the modern world of online security, passkey offers a user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords. Combining certain authentication and cryptographic principles, it helps in enhancing protection against cyber threats. However, like any other technology, it is important to balance security, privacy, and user experience to make PassKey a truly transformation solution to the online kingdom. 

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