Cloacking Technology

Cloaking Technology: The Dream of Invisibility Will Soon Become a Reality

Every one of us, at some point, wished to become invisible. The science fiction and fantasy realms are filled with characters having the most coveted gift of invisibility; in real life though, there wasn’t much success in this regard. While scientists have been working for a long time to create a cloaking technology that would make people and objects truly invisible, there was nothing solid to show off until now. However, now there is a hope that soon we might have a perfect cloaking technology that will allow us to become invisible. In fact, scientists around the world are working hard on it. From chameleon-style camouflage techniques to Harry Potter style invisibility cloaks, tech companies are exploring several avenues to perfect the cloaking technology.

Cloaking Technology: Not a simple, straightforward path

Although we wish to have our own invisibility cloak as soon as possible, creating a true cloaking technology is not so simple in reality. The rudimentary cloaking technology that we have today is far from perfect and needs extensive research and fine-tuning before it could make an object completely invisible. In fact, there is no single approach to attaining invisibility. Scientists are working on several different options to make objects disappear. What is the most viable approach and most successful tech for invisibility will only be clear with time. However, some promising prototypes in development could make things vanish and will be available sooner than you think.

Tech Companies are trying to create camouflage technology that will make objects disappear

We see things when light reflects from them and reach our eyes. The way we see things is also the biggest hurdle for a cloaking technology to achieve invisibility truly. A perfect cloaking device should be capable of bending light around an object, that too from all directions. It’s not easy to achieve. In fact, many scientists are trying a different, more simple approach. For example, using cameras to record the background of the object and projecting it on the front.

Cloaking Technology: Progress around the world

From Canada to America, several prototypes have been developed that, in one way or the other, make objects disappear.

Recently, Polaris Solutions, an IDF supplier, has developed an ingenious camouflage technology that allows soldiers on the ground to disappear. It could even become invisible to the thermal detection system. It’s a sheet made of microfibers and polymers, which makes anyone wearing it almost impossible to spot.

In America, there has been advancement in cloaking technology. Scientists have created a device that makes objects truly invisible. Furthermore, the new camouflage technology even works from different angles. So, it’s impossible to spot the object even from a different vantage point.

Another company from Canada, HyperStealth Biotechnology, also made headlines when it unveiled its Hyperstealth’s “cloaking technology” capable of hiding weapons, objects and people altogether. It’s called quantum stealth; however, its applications are limited to military use only. It could be used to hide soldiers, weapons, and tanks.

Cloaking technology will be real and effective in the near future

While there are still several technological hurdles, it’s only a matter of time until we will have a perfected technology that could make objects vanish. We might be far from an invisibility cloak, but recent success in this area has raised hope and confirmed the viability of the idea. 

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