Rise Of Immunity Boosting Products

How Covid 19 Prompted the Rise In Demand For Immunity Boosting Products?

The rampaging covid19 crisis had put a brutal brake on the economy. Most of the businesses across the globe have faced the brunt of the deadly pandemic. However, few market segments are witnessing unprecedented growth, such as immunity-boosting products. According to the leading authorities in the segment, the market for immunity-boosting products has exploded with a 45% increase in sales. At times when governments across the globe are gearing to face the catastrophic economic impact of the pandemic, the food supplement industry is raking in increased profits and witnessing tremendous turnover.

An Opportunity in The Face of Pandemic

Immunity boosting products already constitute a significant portion of the food supplements market; however, there is no doubt that covid19 has boosted the interest in this segment and accelerated the growth, say experts. Research by Mintel points out that Covid19 has pushed 45% of the European population to include extra dietary supplements in their food. In comparison, 29% of the people were more interested exclusively in immunity-boosting products. Also, according to google trends data, since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, there is a 500% increase in searches related to health and immunity-boosting products. People are now more concerned about their health and well-being, and the Covid19 crisis has only accentuated this trend. In the context of the pandemic, more and more people are turning towards products that claim to boost immunity.

Why the rise in demand for immunity-boosting products?

The Covid19 pandemic was something the world has never faced before; therefore, there was no cure for the covid infection. As the world-leading minds pour over to find a cure, it becomes apparent that strong immunity plays a vital role in warding off this infection. Therefore it’s no surprise that people instantly began to focus more on their overall health and, in particular, about their immunity. The result was a tremendous surge in demand for immunity-boosting products.

Food Supplements Companies are rethinking their marketing strategies to acquire a larger market segment

Encouraged by the rising demands, companies are finding innovative ways to communicate their product’s features and achieve higher growth effectively. Most of them are taking advantage of the crisis to amplify communication on their immunity products. Due to the growing consumer demands, companies are launching new products paired with targeted marketing campaigns to grab consumer attention and boost sales.

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