Talo : Self Brushing Toothbrush

Talo: A Self-Brushing Toothbrush That Could Clean Your Teeth In 20 Seconds

If there’s one thing we all agree we need most, it’s time. And there are few essential tasks we spend more time on than brushing our teeth. But it does not have to be a chore. In fact, with a TALO self brushing toothbrush, you could reduce the time to just 20 seconds.

We have all felt at one time or another too lazy in the morning to even stand for a few minutes in the bathroom to brush our teeth. But, still, it needs to be done. Now TALO has come up with a toothbrush that could shorten the cleaning time to just 20 seconds. Even for the laziest of people, this time frame could be acceptable.

What is TALO anyway?

All dentists advise brushing the teeth for at least two minutes for thorough cleaning. However, the new toothbrush named TALO could achieve the same results in twenty seconds. How you may ask? TALO achieves it through its revolutionary two-surface design that brushes upper and lower teeth at the same time.

You just have to put TALO in your mouth and hold it at around 45 degrees. The two brushes start their work and automatically clean both sides of the teeth at once.

TALO is currently up for crowdfunding, and it seems that people are convinced about the concept. The time-saving aspect of the device is its selling point and has drawn considerable funds from the crowdfunding community.

TALO Toothbrush Cleans Both Sides At Once

With TALO, users don’t have to move the brush. The toothbrush is fully automatic designed to be completely autonomous. According to the manufacturer of TALO, the toothbrush takes only ten seconds to clean half of the teeth, cleaning the entire inside and outside of the dentition. Likewise, when positioned on the other side of the point, the toothbrush again does its job in mere ten seconds. Accordingly, only twenty seconds are needed for the complete set of teeth.

TALO is made of extra soft brushes which clean the teeth along the gum line at an ideal angle in order to apply the optimum pressure. Gentle, thorough cleaning of the whole set of teeth. Even the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth are cleaned perfectly.

Talo Toothbrush Will be Available to the Users For 110 Euros

Does it really work as the manufacturers claim? While the design is undoubtedly impressive and seems to be up for the job, however, if you personally want to experience it, you have to order a TALO for yourself. TALO brush is available for pre-order from the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo for a price of 110 euros. Right now, there are not enough reviews available to confirm the viability of the TALO brush; however, the product has raised almost 220,000 euros through crowdfunding.

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