iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Expected to Launch in 3rd Week of September and May Have Up To 1TB Storage

Rumors are ripe that iPhone 13 will be hitting the market in September, probably featuring 1 Tb of storage space.

As September approaches, the market is filled with rumors that the much anticipated iPhone 13 will be hitting the shelves in the third week of the coming month. What’s probably the most exciting feature about this version of the iPhone is the possibility of 1 Tb storage space. Last year, Apple delayed the launch of the iPhone 12 till October, primarily due to the CoVid-19 pandemic. But this year, it seems the company wants to return to its traditional roadmap. If the rumors are right, the next-generation iPhone will be coming to the market in the third week of September, which is the next month.

Should iPhone fans expect to get their hands on the latest iPhone 13 in September? Probably Yes

So far, there is nothing official from Apple’s side about its new iPhone. However, sources reports from an investor note from Wedbush’s Daniel Ives that the company will be launching the new series of iPhones in the third week of September – the exact date is unknown. But, usually, one can predict Apple’s event with some degree of precision and could deduce a release date. Last year was a different story, as the launch of the iPhone was delayed till October. You can blame the production delays on the Pandemic. But this year, things have returned to normal to some extent; therefore, we could expect to see the iPhone unveiled in the coming September.

Additionally, Apple typically schedules its events on Tuesday, and we can safely assume that the company will continue the trend this year. That gives us 21 September as the launch date for iPhone 13. There is another possibility, however, it does not align with the rumors of the expected launch date in the third week. Apple’s events usually follow labor day. It gives us a timeline of 8 September to 17 September for the release.

What Features Should You Expect In iPhone 13?

Rumors also throw some light on the technical specifications of the upcoming variant. The most exciting is the 1 Tb storage – double the maximum available so far. The pro variant of the iPhone 13 will support a higher adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz. The reports further claim that the iPhone 13 will support 5G mmWave for countries outside the United States. Additionally, the new iPhone is expected to be equipped with a larger battery. Also, the new iPhones will support 25W fast charging technology, a slight upgrade from the current 22 W.

What are the Design Upgrades in the New iPhone 13?

Several design renderings for the new iPhone 13 have already made rounds on Twitter. A slightly smaller notch is a possibility, however, do not expect anything revolutionary. Also, there aren’t any expected changes to the size of the phone. 

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