Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: An Effective Strategy to build brand’s image

What is influencer marketing? Will it help grow my brand? Is influencer marketing still effective in 2021? Let’s find out the answers.

At one point in time or the other, we have all made buying decisions based on our friend’s recommendations or have purchased a product because we heard someone bragging about its qualities and features. In a way, we were influenced by others to make the purchase. Influencer marketing utilizes the same principle but on a larger scale.

It’s a powerful strategy, and if implemented correctly, it could bring huge success to the brand. Let’s dive in to learn more about influencer marketing.

Why is Influencer Marketing so Effective?

Customers are more likely to make a buying decision based on word of mouth popularity from someone they trust rather than the constant bombardment of blunt marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing leverages this trust factor in building a positive image of a brand, boosting sales and conversion. This makes influencer marketing a highly effective marketing strategy in the digital age.

What is an influencer?

By definition, an influencer could be any person who, through engaging content creation, has amassed a huge fan following via digital channels like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. The loyal audience base is a huge asset that influencer marketing campaigns leverage to build positive sentiments around the brand. The trust and loyalty that an influencer enjoys among his audience translate to improved brand awareness and brand identity.

What is influencer marketing?

At its core, influencer marketing is all about utilizing the popularity of influencers to push the brand’s message to the target audience. In simple terms, it’s a collaboration between a brand and an online influencer to market their products.

Influencer or digital content creators enjoy huge popularity among their audience, and fans generally take their recommendations seriously while making a buying decision. Once brands and influencers collaborate, these influencers frame their content in the flavour of the brand, thereby giving it instant recognition among the audience.

Influencer Marketing: Promising Numbers

Influencer marketing is growing big, and numbers prove it. According to recent data analyzed by leading marketing agencies, influencer marketing is expected to grow by about $10 billion in 2021. Additionally, more than 70% of marketers believe it to be instrumental for solidifying brand identity and boost conversions. Influencer marketing introduces brands directly to interested people, helps them achieve a wider reach and, therefore, more ROI. Thus, influencer marketing proves to be one of the most effective marketing strategies to target the right audience, build customer trust and boost brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing: The Future of Brand Promotion

If your brand is just starting, influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to lay down a solid foundation for high growth. Influencer marketing introduces your brand to the right audience, and brings instant fame, translating to better brand awareness, increased leads and better conversion. Influencers allow brands to present their message in a uniquely creative way that resonates with the audience and brings more popularity.

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