Cyber Digital Twins

Enhancing Security & Deriving Resilience With Cyber Digital Twins

According to Gartner, the concept of digital twins must have a place among the five emerging trends that will guide technological innovation for the next decade. It’s apparent that the digital twin concept, together with artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, will become the backbone of Industry 4.0. However, there is another area where digital twins could hold significant importance: cybersecurity.

We live in an age marked with breakthrough innovations in technology. Simple machines of yesterday are now becoming more intelligent and more connected, be it TVs, refrigerators, or washing machines. The advent of IoT has given a further boost to the capabilities of these smart machines. But new technologies have also opened new avenues for malicious hackers to break into the system. And the connected environment is more prone to break in and provide access to private data and essential information.

Digital Twin Concept Is a Big Breakthrough In Achieving Greater System and Network Security

Thankfully though, cybersecurity experts also constantly work to employ emerging technologies and concepts to fend off even the most sophisticated attacks and keep the systems safe. Right now, digital twins seem to be one such concept that promises enhanced security and cyber resilience in the face of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. The Digital Twin concept mimics both a physical and virtual world in which industrial products are given dynamic digital representations. It could be used to test network security and risk analysis.

Moreover, digital twins allow enhanced resiliency in the face of the current threat scenario. It offers better reliability of the service against an attack and ensures that all business operations are protected so that a threat or breach does not affect the entire business.

Digital Twins Approach Allow to Take More Offensive Position Against Cyber Threat

In the present scenario, it is no longer enough to defend oneself from the attack but to halt it in its tracks too. In this regard, digital twins are a good ally for adopting an offensive posture in the face of risk. The digital twin makes it possible to simulate a virtual environment that accurately represents the impacts of a possible attack in real-time on businesses and information systems.

With the help of the digital twin, security experts could pinpoint possible paths attackers could take and help fill the loopholes, asset by asset. Incidentally, most security experts agree that AI combined with digital twins will enable organizations to strengthen defenses and situational awareness against cyberattacks.

Wrap Up

New technologies bring greater added value in terms of security. However, the dangers of system breach and toppling of the strategic core of the organizations always loom large. Besides, attackers are constantly looking for new and improvised ways to break into the systems. Therefore, there is always a need for equally dynamic strategies adept at preventing such attacks. Organizations must recognize that digital twins support a new type of security strategy that can cope with the latest digital structures. Digital twins bring numerous advantages – companies should recognize this now and enable optimal cyber security for their organizations.

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