Beeple had sold his NFT artwork

World Biggest Crypto Artist – Sold a Piece of Art on The Internet at $69 Million

An American Artist who goes by the name of Beeple had sold his NFT artwork: Everyday – The First 5000 Days for a staggering 69 million dollars at Christie’s. The deal had placed him in the ranks of the most expensive living artists at auction, which includes only two other names.

The internet is buzzing with a newfound mania, that is, of NFT or the Non-Fungible Token, or simplifying it more – digital arts. And Beeple is currently the man who seems to be the real beneficiary of this mania. Why, you may ask? Because he has sold one of his NFT artwork for an astounding sum of 69 million dollars in cryptocurrencies.

What’s more bizarre is that the digital art’s opening offer was only $100 back in February. But it soon picked an upward trajectory and swiftly reached $1 million and then to $9 million. And on the last day of the auction, the bid rose $10 million to $15 million every few minutes in the final moments till it reached the astonishing $69 million mark.

Around 22 million visitors tuned in to Christie’s website to witness the extraordinary event. The event marked the beginning of a new era. It boosted the confidence of NFT enthusiasts that digital arts could hold significant value, and art lovers are ready to splurge money on Non-Fungible Tokens.

Unbelievable, it may sound, but it’s true, and behind this extraordinarily expensive piece of digital art is an American who goes by the name of Mike Winkelmann. However, he is more popular with his pseudonym that is Beeple, and he has truly carved his name in the online realm for years to come. Auction of NFTs was uncharted territory for Christie, and the event marked the sale of the auction house’s first Non-Fungible Token. It turned out to be hugely successful.

Beeple, with this incredible deal, has undoubtedly come into the limelight, but he is not a novice or beginner in this space. What are his credentials, then? Well, he is a prominent digital artist and enjoys a fan following of about 1.9 million users on Instagram. As a form of digital art, Beeple uses videos and images to portray recent events. From former American President Donald Trump to Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, prominent personalities of the world have been the subject of his digital art – most often in hilarious yet relevant ways.

The real value of Beeple’s artwork ‘Everydays – The First 5000 Days,’ comes from it being an NFT. It proves that Beeple is the original owner of the art. The work involves an NFT, a unique digital token encrypted with the artist’s digital signature. The work is individually identified on a blockchain that carries the proof of ownership and legitimacy of work. For Beeple’s work, The NFT was generated by MakersPlace, a marketplace for digital creators.

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