Top Tech Trends Of 2021

Top 3 Tech Trends of 2021 Poised to Rule The Technological Landscape

In 2021, the global digital transformation was accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid advancement of technology.The whole world seems to stand still. However, one thing that didn’t stop was technological innovation and advancement. Even in the face of a pandemic, the world has witnessed some serious breakthroughs in the technology world. We have identified the top tech trends of 2021 and the potential benefits they have in store. Take a look!

Hyper Automation

Automation is already changing the way we process and perform repetitive tasks, and the year 2021 is pushing our automation dreams to a hyper level. Therefore it won’t be a surprise to see the digital transformation at a grand level in 2021. Robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) together will open up new avenues to automate even the most complex of business processes.

Benefits Of Hyper Automation

Businesses across numerous domains will reap extensive benefits of hyper-automation in the coming years;

  • By combining automation technologies, businesses could leverage their power to achieve better flexibility and scalability, which was not possible with single digital automation.
  • By implementing hyper-automation, businesses could easily automate repetitive tasks, which otherwise are very time-consuming. This way, companies could achieve better productivity as employees could channel their effort to more productive tasks.

Zero Trust

Although not a new term, 2021 will see a lot more use of the concept. Zero Trust is a security concept or protocol that requires all the personnel, both internal or external to an organization, to be validated, authenticated, and authorized on a network to acquire access. Such a level of security is achieved by implementing next-generation endpoint security, identity, access management, and multi-factor authentication.

Benefits Of Zero Trust

Security is a primary concern faced by organizations of all sizes, big or small. Zero Trust could radically change the security arena;

  • With Zero Trust implemented, companies could effectively validate and contextualize users, trying to access the company’s valuable database.
  • Similarly, in today’s world, where work from home and remote working is gaining huge traction, the threat landscape has also evolved. Newer, more sophisticated threats have surfaced that need equally adaptive and efficient security protocols to combat. Zero Trust could be the answer.

AI Engineering

One technology that has the strength to completely redefine our way of living is AI. The past decade has seen significant breakthroughs in this area, and the trend will continue in 2021 and beyond. However, implementation, scaling and maintenance of an AI system is still a difficult task. With AI engineering, though, there will be a pathway to integrate AI with traditional DevOps rather than a separate domain altogether.

Benefits Of AI Engineering
  • AI engineering will allow businesses and organizations to implement AI systems with relative ease.
  • Navigating and assimilating this technology is quite complex as there are multiple AI techniques. However, AI engineering will lay a path to tread the AI space easily.

Technological progress is a continuous and never-ending process. However, the present landscape and the ongoing pandemic has pushed many innovations to the fore. From here, these innovations will continue to progress and will keep influencing our daily lives.


In 2021, the technology landscape has seen rapid advancements in connectivity, Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we interact with the digital world, shaping the way we live and work in the world.The tech landscape is undergoing significant changes, with diverse industries embracing new trends and innovations to stay competitive and adapt to the evolving landscape.

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