Tech Developments

Tech Developments : The Positives & Negatives of Technology and Their Impacts On Our Lives

The unprecedented growth in the technology sector in the last fifty years has revolutionized our existence. From work to leisure, there is no aspect of our daily life, not affected by technological developments. Similarly, from connected devices that facilitate our daily life to digital technologies that bring the world to our fingertips, tech development has become the backbone of the modern world. 

Moreover technical developments have helped us eradicate diseases, doubled our life expectancy, overcome food shortage, reduce hunger and starvation and conquer great distances. However, there is not all positive with the tech development. 

Technology may have provided us the tool to save lives, however, it has also armed us with weapons that could cause mass destruction. So, let’s delve deeper into the marvelous world of technology and discover its positive and negative impacts on daily lives, society, and the planet itself.

The Positives of Tech Developments

There is no denying that tech innovations are behind every major success of humankind in the past century. But no other generation has been afflicted by technology than ours. It’s no exaggeration to say that the modern world is driven by technology. We wake up to the sound of mobile phones, communicate with people on the other side of the world. Technology is a part of our life assisting us to make it better easier and comfortable. 

Furthermore, technology has provided us with sophisticated industry solutions, efficient machines, high-tech robots to assist in work, bettering the manufacturing and production processes. Smarter devices are revolutionizing the health industry and contributing to better health management, monitoring, and control. Technology has therefore positioned itself at the service of every aspect of human life.

The Negatives of Tech Developments

Technology-enabled humans to prosper, bringing unprecedented success. However, there is a dark side of technological innovations too. It has left our lands barren, our water polluted, our air poisoned. If it provides us gainful means to prosper, it also enables us to bring greater destruction. From fossil-based energy consumption to nuclear weapons, technology in this regard has brought us concerns too, and to such an extent that they threaten our very existence.

In the words of famous futurologist Gerd Leonhard – “We are at a crucial junction in technological evolution. The change will become exponential, inevitable, and irreversible. It is our last chance to decide to what extent we will allow technology to shape our lives.”

The Way Ahead For Tech Developments

Our profound association with technology offers us ample opportunities to overcome the negatives of tech developments. It also reinforces our belief that we control technology and not the opposite. The more we employ it for our convenience, the more we explore it to innovate and overcome the negatives it causes. 

Cultivating our technological culture with innovations and advancement will allow us to open our minds to new possibilities, new avenues of growth, and new vision that will lead us to devise better checkpoints and methods which will prevent technological growth from going astray and becoming a threat to our existence.

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