Best Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptop: How to Choose a Truly Outstanding Gaming Laptop

You may have heard the phrase, “gamers are a different breed.” There is a reason for that – they do not settle with the usual. High performance is what they crave. Gamers usually treat their gaming station as a unique piece in a collection. They admire it the same way a car owner admires his coolest car. Ok, that’s a little showoff, and glorifying their gaming rig is indeed one favorite hobby of hardcore gamers.

But when it comes to serious gaming, performance precedes everything, and that’s what every gamer wants to achieve – gaming station that could handle even the most resource-hungry game and run it with buttery smoothness.

But what about gaming on the go? Are there any gaming laptops that could outmatch traditional pc gaming rigs? The answer is ‘YES’ there are plenty, but you have to know exactly what to look for in a gaming laptop that could drive even the most performance-intensive games.

We asked our experts for the best gaming laptop available in the market, and they have laid out specific criteria to choose for yourself a gaming machine that could meet all your gaming requirements.

How do you choose a good performance gaming laptop over the long term?

Before you go on a splurge of money to acquire the best gaming laptop, it’s better first to define your user profile. Are you a casual gamer and want to enjoy some light gaming, or are you a seasoned gamer wishing to indulge in hardcore competitive gaming? The answer will pretty much govern what configuration you should opt for and how much budget you should assign for your gaming laptop. With that in mind, here are some pointers to assist you in selecting the best gaming machine available in the market;

High Refresh Rate

A high enough refresh rate is essential to keep the gaming sessions smooth and lag-free. While the refresh rate value is going higher and higher, but for optimum performance, you should never go any lower than a 144 Hz refresh rate. If you want ultra-smooth graphics, 240 Hz and 300 Hz gaming laptops are also available in the market.

High Resolution

Ask a gamer, and he will tell you the sweet spot of gaming in terms of resolution is 1440p. It offers a higher pixel density than 1080p, plus it doesn’t bear down on GPU’S performance.

Overclock Enabled Hardware

Nothing short of an i9 processor for high-end gaming paired with an overclock-enabled GPU and Motherboard and also fitted with a minimum of 8 GB RAM. Additionally, there should be room for additional customization, upgrades, and expansions.

Ample Storage

Games today take an insane amount of memory; therefore, you should have ample storage on your gaming laptop to store everything with ease. 500 GB SSD is the minimum criteria; however, aim for higher if possible.

Best Gaming Laptop 2021 – Why choose a Gaming Laptop anyway?

The best gaming laptops are great if you want to enjoy immersive gaming even on the go. They offer an unmatched combination of portability, specs, and performance.

With smaller but more powerful internals like Intel Comet Lake, AMD Big Navi or Nvidia RTX 3000 series GPU, and fast RAM, the best gaming laptops can now deliver exceptional performance. They could rival even the best gaming PCs and desktop gaming rigs. What’s even more impressive is that they get even thinner and lighter year on year while touting better battery life.

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