A Symphony of Sound and Unmatched Visual Brilliance : JBL PULSE 4

JBL had made a name for itself in the market for high-quality acoustic devices. This North American manufacturer is known for high bass in its products, followed by an excellent treble that produces crisp and clear sound. Moreover, JBL is recognised for its outstanding line of consistently high-quality products, particularly its speakers, which are the best in the market.

Behind every JBL speaker hides the exceptional know-how of sound that surpasses every other manufacturer in the market. We are talking about products with unmatchable sound quality, outstanding connectivity and amazing battery life. Recently JBL came up with its much-awaited JBL Pulse 4 fourth-generation portable speaker. Let’s explore the newly launched devices and see what JBL has to offer this time.

JBL Pulse 4 Fourth Generation Portable Speaker

JBL Pulse 4 had finally hit the shelves with its latest features and excellent hardware. It was in the line for some time, and fans were anticipating it to be the ultimate product bearing all the quality and ingenuity that JBL is known for. The new speaker benefits from its sleek aesthetics and marvelous acoustics. However, it also seems that JBL has made a few compromise too.

Totally Revamped Appearance

Pulse 4 took a deviation from its predecessor in terms of design. The mini-jack input and the hands-free microphone kit is absent, unlike the pulse 3. Moreover, the products rely on a single speaker to produce its high quality 360 degrees sound. Likewise, significant work is done on the aesthetics and the software part with more emphasis on the visuals and more play of light.

Different Ergonomics Then it’s Predecessor

In pulse 4, JBL has focused more on the light play; therefore, the area allocated to the LED and play of light is larger than its predecessor. Other than that, Pulse 4 is almost the same size as Pulse 3. Control buttons only occupy a minuscule area, which means almost all of the speaker’s body is dedicated to the light effects. Although, it seems the quality of transparent plastic through which LED creates the light play is downgraded as fingerprint quickly appears on it during handling, which seems kind of messy.

Waterproof Design, Completely Safe for Outdoor Use

JBL claims it to be perfect for outdoor use and has made it capable of surviving a splash or immersion in the water. In our test, we found out that no water seeps down to internal hardware; however, after a few splashdowns, traces of moistures appeared on the inside of the plastic casing, hindering the light play. However, the speaker continues to operate even after being submerged in water at a depth of 1 meter.

Magical Sound Quality

JBL is known for its sound quality, and the Pulse 4 doesn’t disappoint here. However, the Pulse 4 sports a different acoustic design than Pulse 3. It is only equipped with a single speaker located at the upper part of its cylindrical body. Suffice to assume that the sound rendering will undoubtedly be affected by the positioning of the speaker. In all cases, sound quality lives up to the name of JBL and presents a crisp and clear sound. 

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