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June 8, 2023

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the website www.thetechjournal.in (hereinafter the “Website”, “this”, “our”). By accessing the thetechjournal website, YOU ASSUME THE OBLIGATION TO RESPECT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, LEGAL NOTIFICATIONS, AND PRIVACY POLICY, as well as all the disclaimer clauses listed below.

Moreover, by using thetechjournal.in website and any services offered herein, you consent that you have gone through and agree with our privacy policy and the terms & conditions hence laid. Additionally, you also agree to respect the terms indicated in our privacy policy and abide by them while using, accessing, or opting for any services offered by thetechjournal.in.

Furthermore, we also encourage our users to periodically visit these terms and conditions and the privacy policy section to keep themselves updated about changes, if any.

Industrial and intellectual property

All the contents, including but not limited to the texts, documents, images, logos, and videos present on this site, are, unless otherwise stated, the property of thetechjournal and hence protected by the nation’s copyright law.


The details provided on thetechjournal website are for informational purposes only. Although we strive to present to our readers accurate facts retrieved through extensive research, mistakes are sometimes inevitable. If, in case, the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information disseminated on thetechjournal website are found to be in doubt, it will only be regarded as a mistake. However, if it comes to our knowledge about a misrepresentation of information in any posts published, we promise to correct and ensure, to the best of our ability, the accuracy, and updating of the information published on our site.

Additionally, thetechjournal.in declines all responsibility:

  • For any inaccuracy, imprecision, or omission relating to the information published on the site.
  • For any damage, if incurred, possibly due to unauthorized intrusion by a third party resulting in a modification of the information made available on the site.
  • For any damage incurred directly or indirectly, regardless of the causes, origins, or consequences, resulting from the usage or access to the thetechjournal website or due to the inability to access it.

You should also note that thetechjournal website may contain information or links provided by third-party companies and sites not affiliated with or managed by thetechjournal. Incidentally, the existence of a link on the thetechjournal website from another site does not constitute a validation of that site.

Use of the Site

Anyone interested in the latest innovations in the technology space is free to browse thetechjournal website and consume its content. However, users are authorized to consume contents of the site exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes only and in a way that does not violate our intellectual property rights. The contents of the site cannot in any way be used for purposes other than stated above. Likewise, users are prohibited to distribute, reproduce, modify, or transmit any content published on the website without the prior agreement and consent of thetechjournal.in.

When accessing the thetechjournal website, visitors can read most of the available content without the need to register an account. However, if you choose to register for an account, you have to fill in the details specified on the registration page. If, however you decide not to register an account, you can still navigate the website and access most of the content, except those sections that require account registration.

Community Guidelines

Thetechjournal hosts a thriving community of tech enthusiasts, consuming our content and sharing their critical and valuable opinions through the comment section. To keep the section as happening and exciting as it can be, we have laid down community guidelines that ensure effective and engaging communication without hampering anyone’s privacy and hurting sentiments.

To ensure that everyone has a positive and enriching experience on our website, we encourage our users to follow some ground rules. These rules outline what is appropriate and inappropriate and also acceptable or not. So, please read and understand them before posting any comment:

Respect everyone’s opinions

We welcome and respect our user’s opinions and expect the same from our readers. Users are free to express their opinions or criticize someone else’s within the border of respect and in a positive and constructive way.

Be the real you

We love to know our readers in person. Therefore we encourage them to use their real name while posting a comment. We strongly prohibit impersonating another person. Doing so will compel us to ban and block you from our site.

Note that the comment section is publicly available

Your comment on our website is in the public domain and hence accessible to anyone who is visiting the site. Therefore, you are fully responsible for what you post. So, ensure that whatever you comment concerns the content and nothing else. Also, make sure that it does not in any way demean anyone or hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Respect everyone’s privacy

We take the privacy of our users very seriously and also request our readers to do the same. Therefore never post anyone’s personal information.

Be Polite

We urge all our users to be polite and exercise extreme caution while discussing something, keeping in mind not to use language that is hurtful to others. Do not mock, troll, or use profane words to others. We will immediately remove any such comments and could ban and remove the offender.

Use Search box for specific content

Can’t find something of your interest? Want to re-read previous content? Just use the search box. Type in your query and hit the Enter button. We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Thetechjournal reserves the right to change any or all of the terms & conditions laid out here depending upon the needs, if any. Additionally, we also reserve the right to remove, block or delete any of our user’s accounts if we find out that it violates our terms & conditions and privacy policy guidelines.

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